Eletric scooter Techlife X6

€ 999.00

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Techlife X6 - electric scooter

Here is Techlife X6! Perfection comes into action!

Discover Techlife X6!

Designed to make it stand out from others with its durability and longevity. Non-slip platform, real sport accents, aluminum details and functionality make the Techlife X6 scooter give you satisfaction in every aspect.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Made with incredible precision

We took care of every detail of riding safely and comfortably. Equipped with rear shock absorbers, in combination with inflatable wheels, ensures the highest ride comfort

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Even more LED lighting

Stand out from the crowd with modern contemporary colors. Strong white LED front lighting, red rear lighting and illuminated platform ensure endless riding pleasure at any time of the night.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Impressions do not end with lighting!

The 600W brushless electric motor located on the rear wheel in combination with the driver allows riding on an inclined road up to 15 degrees without losing speed.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Riding has never been so safe

A number of software protections and two powerful brakes ensure safe travel. Front disc brake and rear drum brake guarantee a quick stop of the vehicle even in extreme weather conditions.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Speed up to 40 km/h!

Enjoy unhindered 3 driving modes. Economical, normal and sport speeding up to 40 km/h. You will save time for everything else you love.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Full control on the LCD display

Get full control over the battery level, current speed, mileage and gear regulation. You won't miss a thing with the color LCD display.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Impressive battery power

The 13Ah battery will provide a range of up to 45 km, and the latest charging technology will extend the battery life.

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Very handy folding

You can fold Techlife X6 in half with one button. The additional possibility of folding the handles ensures its smaller size. Moving the scooter hasn't been that easy yet!

Techlife X6 - hulajnoga elektryczna XXI wieku

Techlife X6 - eletric scooter

Max load
120 kg
Disc (front), drum (rear)”
Max. speed
25km/h (up to 40km/h after unlocking)
Charging voltage
Max. elevation
Charging time
5-7 hours
Working temperature
-10°C ~ 40°C
800W peak
up to 45km



I have had my X6 almost a year and still love to ride it. Seems great quality, great buy for the price. I am a big guy and it still is faster than I expected.


Lovely company

Fabulous e-scooter, exactly what I needed.

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Eletric scooter Techlife X6

Eletric scooter Techlife X6

Product available

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