TECHLIFE – Servicing operation – models X7 and X7S

 We want to inform that despite our utmost efforts in seeking the highest standards of comfort and safety the newest batch of Techlife X7 and X7S models that shipped starting from 24th of August have been reported to possess a slight defect which in case of prolonged and heavy use could cause a fracture in the stem that holds the handlebar.

  The defect is not an immediate threat to the rider’s health and safety although prolonged use can cause the material to wear which would result in the scooter becoming not safe for riding.

Information for X7 and X7S users – how to diagnose the defect.

To verify if your scooter is affected by this problem first take a look at the pictures below. You can verify if the stem already started to wear by unscrewing the red element and rising it a bit to see what’s below. If you can spot that the stem began to wear you should stop using your scooter and contact us through the service email – .

The picture on the left shows the part on the models unaffected. The picture in the middle shows the part on the models where the problem will appear. The picture on the right shows how the problem looks like underneath the red element.

Techlife akcja serwisowa techlife x7 oraz x7s
Techlife akcja serwisowa techlife x7 oraz x7s
Techlife akcja serwisowa techlife x7 oraz x7s

Service procedure

Clients affected by this problem can have the aforementioned element in their scooters replaced at no cost. We will cover the shipment prices and deliver the scooter repaired back to our clients.

 We will support our distributors in providing them the parts needed to fix this problem as well.

  We want to apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are doing everything in our power to uphold your satisfaction and solve this problem as fast and as conveniently as possible.