Techlife X9 Extreme Electric Scooter

€ 3,499.00

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Techlife X9 - electric scooter

We have changed not only the model but also the face of the future!

An engineering masterpiece

Techlife X9 is more than just perfection. The world's first scooter that has no equal. Tested 1000 times in every, even the most extreme conditions! Meet Techlife X9!

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

Even more power from LG!

LG lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 32Ah / 72V provides a range of up to 100km. The latest technology optimizes the charging process to ensure reliable battery life over the entire lifetime.

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

We turned up the speed to 100 km/h!

Two powerful brushless electric motors with a power of 1600W each (3000W peak) accelerate the scooter to 100 km/h. Riding has never been so extremely fast!

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

Road tread

The wide 11-inch wheels with road tread and double shock absorption will perfectly damp any bumps on the road while riding. Hydraulic disc brakes will significantly shorten the braking distance even on slippery ground.

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

LED - new generation lighting

LED lighting dedicated to fast riding on difficult terrain uses SMD LEDs. High-intensity light will provide perfect illumination of the area you ride on.

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

Amazing color power on the display

The improved dynamic range of the image, increasing the contrast between its lightest and darkest elements makes all driving parameters perfectly visible during strong sun and fast riding.

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

Power that gives more possibilities

Adjust your driving power using Eco/Turbo mode and secure your scooter against theft. Techlife X9 has a built-in anti-theft protection which after turning the keys will completely block the ignition of your scooter.

Techlife X9 - extremalna hulajnoga elektryczna off road

Techlife X9 - off road eletric scooter

Max load
Max. speed
~25km/h (after unlocking 100km/h)
Charging voltage
Max. elevation
Charging time
LG 32Ah/72V
Engine power
2x3000W peak
up to 100km
*Range depends on the weight of the driver, atmospheric temperature, driving speed and terrain.


it's a monster!

This is definitely the greatest scooter.My weight is 110kg.I get about 52mph in the 3rd speed. It can be switched between single motor mode and dual mode.I can easily ride on the hill roads,it's not that difficult when you get used to it, i can reach really fast and i highly recommend this scooter its super fun, this company has nice customer service,they guide me how to operate this monster, and even provide some tutorial videos for me. This is great and worth recommending.


Amazing scooter and customer service!

Pretty easy to put together. Comes with allen wrench keys to tighten everything. I didn’t know how to start the scooter so I contacted the seller and he replied in less than 5 mins, guided me on how to start it, provided me with a YouTube video link, and he answered all my questions quickly. Excellent customer service.

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Techlife X9 Extreme Electric Scooter

Techlife X9 Extreme Electric Scooter

Product available

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